Personal Injury Law

When an accident disrupts your life and causes financial hardship, you might not know how to pursue damages from the responsible party. To learn more about personal injury law, consult with me, Howard Kanowitz. I can meet with you at my law office in Cherry Hill, NJ.


I’ll give you my personal attention on your case. I can do everything from writing letters to presenting your injury case in court. To prepare your lawsuit, I’ll organize the evidence about the negligence that caused your accident and file it with the court.


I’ll document your medical expenses, lost income, and the potential long-term costs of rehabilitation and disability. This information will justify your claim and push back against low-ball offers from an insurance company.

My local representation in Cherry Hill could empower you to collect compensation after a car accident, animal attack, assault, or workplace injury. Let me, Howard Kanowitz, investigate how personal injury law could recover damages for you. Call me today 609-304-1976

General Litigation Law

Whether it is collecting a debt or defending against one, pursuing your rights in court for your share of an estate, or handling your contract disputes, l will sort out your issues and develop a strategy to best serve you.

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